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Words Shape The Imagination

Romance with Colors

Rakhi Das

October 19,2018,Chennai

Waves of time splashed morning hues…I asked my slumber to go to sleep and let me feel the morning bliss… I removed the curtains…opened the windows…Tiara of first light was smiling behind the jet of pink clouds sprinkling profusely its splendour in the azure…I closed my eyes and allowed myself to get soaked in the purity…a soft piece of breeze caressed me and I could feel the rhythm of Morning Raga surrounding me. All of a sudden a muse spread its radiance before my conscience…What’s so enchanting about this piece of day today…Why it feels so sublime…so pure? I opened my eyes and found beautiful nature stretched before me in all its magnificence and vibrancy…emerald leaves, blue sky, pink roses, golden rays of sun…each countenance-living or non-living was as clear as sparkling dews…and I envisaged…it’s the clear appearance of colours indeed!…without any interference of pollution at that part of day… laying a sublime and serene effect on our senses…
Color in all its purity is the most beautiful gift of nature. When we encounter colors we instantly feel a connection…provided its clear and non-pixelated! Water is blue, sky is blue, night blushes and smiles under rich black veil, bright yellow day makes you happy and gay…colors are everywhere…be it nature, emotions, relations, moods, living, non-living…colorsreflect their presence and significance in every aspect of creations…colors are often the muse of artists, writers, poets to develop unforgettable masterpieces…
Who can forget the Great Bard Shakespeare’s beautiful stroke of green in his Elizabethan masterpiece Othello-“green eyed monster” where green is used as depiction of extreme jealousy…one of the human emotions called jealousy got new definition- The Green Eyed Monster! Famous painter and artist Vincent Van Gogh in his paintings ‘Sunflower’ has beautifully captured ‘hope’ and ‘joy’ with stroke of Yellow, Pablo Picasso in his famous painting ‘The Tragedy’ has used shades of blue to evoke sadness.
Poet of Nature William Wordsworth in his epic stroke of words- ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ has beautifully depicted ‘bliss’ with golden yellow of Daffodils…
When Robert Burns renders his ode of luve,…
O’ My Luve is like a red red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.
…the red color romances with his expression of love for his beloved….
Yes! That’s true…colors define your relations too! If you give red rose to someone it shows your love…If you give Yellow rose to someone that expresses your friendship…So mind the color of roses it may change equation of your relations!
Oscar Wilds proclaims-“Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways!” No words, no objects, just give your expression the right shade and your message is conveyed! It speaks the right message if you set the dots of colors right!
Life is colourful…each color has its own meaning. Years ago Wassily Kandinsky portrayed,” color is a power which directly influences the soul”.
Recognizing this very power of instant influences and impression, colors are widely being adopted by the brand owners too to exude a distinct identity, to speak a specific voice of their brands to their target consumers.They use their signature colors in their packaging, uniform, stationeries and other marketing means so much so that a particular color or shade of color becomes their identity hence color achieves a definite power to resonate a brand. Moreover reach of color is beyond the barrier of language and script. One is not supposed to be literate in a particular language to read it. It has to only be seen and it is reached. It’s the color only which people remember when they look at a company logo. If you see this below color Red
you may immediately visualize Vodafone or Coca Cola or Indian Postal Service’s Post Box or Red Cross; when you see this blue color below..
What brand comes to your mind…isn’t it Facebook?
And who can forget the famous battle for Pantone2865C-
-the color code for that iconic royal purple which is being usedby Cadbury to veil its temptatious and delicious Chocolates for more than 100 Years.If you see this satin royal purple shade you will immediately say its “Cadbury”. No wonder why Cadbury had to fight a lengthy legal battle with Nestle to get the trademark of this specific royal purple shade.And what brand comes to your mind when you see this Yellow-
Definitely YesGo! Isn’t it…
No doubt Colors play an integral role in establishing your identity. But you have to be very careful and very particular about your shades…
If you want to convey with colors take a plunge in sea of shades, get your favourite one…but keep your dots right, keep angles right, keep it clear without any interference so that your expression is portrayed in all its purity and sovereignty else it may alter or moiré your message or your identity. Someone has rightly said, “Play with colors but play safe!”


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