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What is Packaging ?

Rakhi Das

October 14,2018,Chennai

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but beauty also catches the eyes of the beholder isn’t it?
When your eyes catch the glimpse of it…a sudden surge of attraction leaps around you swiftly… smoothly…you get an instant urge to feel it…touch it…open it …and behold the surprise inside the veil…but sometimes you can’t do it until you purchase it…Isn’t It? So what you do …you pay and you purchase…
The beauty which is being celebrated here as a protagonist is the beauty of packaging which covers a product…which entices you…which encharms you to go for it… and it is proven… the beauty… the elegance…does have the power to make you shed the weight of your wallet at an instant!
What happened? You need not look here and there…Just look at the below images you will realize what I meant. Which image is more appealing…I know both are equally cute and cuddly but if you are given this rare chance to choose between 1 and 2 which one you will choose…?

If I am not wrong it’s definitely image 2. Right? And why….The beautiful packaging indeed! So, that’s exactly what the definition of packaging is.
In today’s scenario, packaging is not only limited to cover a product but also beautify it, make it desirable and stands out on the self, lure the customer and reach in customer’s possession at an instant!

Wow! It’s so beautiful!!! See! What a cut!!!
What a design!!! That’s really amazing!!! I can’t
keep my eyes off…let’s get it!

And…The product is sold! That’s the strength of beauty in packaging.
Do you know what has propelled this drive to beautify the cover of product…Its our laziness…the rising purchasing power, the changing lifestyle and the simultaneous ever increasing desire to reach for everything at ease has propelled the demand for packaged goods which eventually increased the production of consumer goods on a mass scale to meet various needs…But along with escalating production has also escalated the quest to render an unique identity to a packaged product.
And the fact that a package is the closest mean to make product communicate and reach directly to the end customer, attentions are being given widely to make each product stands out on the shelf, communicates directly to he consumer and be convenient to handle too. This necessity has escalated the importance of designing, color and packaging substrates. Innovation and creativity in design have become the most prominent tools to carve unique features for packaging of a product.

If a product is for kids it will use designs and features to attract the kids.

If you want to view your product inside the package before you purchase,
brands are coming up with solutions of see-through packaging.

If its for women it will have features and colors like pink to convey that its only for women!

If a product is for men attention will be given to the features and usage of colors like grey,
black and blue to proclaim its significance for men only.

If it’s a food item brands are coming up with innovative designs to give
the freshness and feel of food through packaging design itself.

Innovative concepts like spouted pouches with side handle as recently done for Rasna by Uflex-

Are increasingly sprouting up to render convenience to the customer and give them the best shopping feel.
Initially, shopping used to be family centric. Only head of the family used to have purchasing power and decision making power to fulfill family needs. Now a day every member of a family is open of his or her needs and every member is a specific consumer. Every family member has his or her say in deciding the products to be purchased as per their specific requirements.
Hence while designing packaging of a product, besides Type of Product, following points need to be other major concerns:

Demographic profile of Consumers
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Place
  • Relations

Convenience of Consumers
  • Portable Packaging
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Latest technologies like Digimarc to ease the billing process

Diverse consumers, Diverse needs = More Products, More Choices and More Innovations in packaging to attract the sea of consumers towards the shelf.
Hence, just bring your designing instincts, your bundle of creativities to the fore, play with the plethora of choices and be a constant leader with your packaging and your brand in the ever fluctuating market!
Last but not the least, packaging is a desire that force the consumer to unpack the product and packaging is a care that makes the product feels special…indeed!


Rakhi Das
Business Development Manager Yes GO Date:14.10.2018 Contact: +91-9962108870/

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